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Cryptocurrency is a groundbreaking, low transaction cost means of transferring perceived assets. It's censorship resistant and, if designed correctly, a perfectly trustless system. The challenge with cryptocurrency is that it has mostly resigned itself to become a labyrinth of increasingly imaginative systems with no underlying real world utility, that only grow from the injection of more and more real world fiat. Do Kwon, in his foresight and innovation, began down the road toward a sovereign yet real world economy with the Chai payment system, but for reasons unknown, did not or was not able to expand this into a global enterprise. Recently, real world asset tokenization is a growing trend. There are coming or actual opportunities to buy fractionalized assets in real estate and real businesses. This is novel, but more like stocks dressed as tokens. What we propose is the tokenization of specific parcels of land that can be personally used by the owner for recreation, to build a cabin, as a bug out location, for hunting, timbering the lumber, ATV riding, horse riding, planting crops or homesteading, or loaned against in crypto markets, rented in a crypto airbnb or simply HODLed as a crypto asset backed by real property.

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